Meet Cathrin

Hi, my name is Cathrin, I have been married to my Husband Ryan since I was 18. We have to children. Calvin, 14, is my mellow, nerdy guy and hearing. Hazel is 6, who is a little spitfire and a feral child. Hazel was born with EVA (enlarged vestibular aqueducts). Hazel failed her first initial Hearing Screen, but passed her third one, fastforward 4 years later after switching Pediatricians, we found out that she is profound-severe on her left ear and moderate- profound on her right ear. She was alsodiagnosed with absence seizures in the summer of '17. Hazel attends DSD (Delaware school for the Deaf/HH), where she has been since 2016 and absolutely found her niche. Our family uses ASL and Spoken English Language as our chosen mode of communication with Hazel. Our family enjoys camping in a tent, music, friends and Beekeeping. Aside from helping other families on their own journey, I enjoy crocheting Unicorns and dreaming of living on an Alpaca Farm.